Artist Statement

Living With Colour


As we move through busy schedules our attitudes are deeply affected by our surroundings. In my paintings I have attempted to draw my energy from the mood of the sky; sometimes turbulent, sometimes subdued. That mood, heavy or light, is borne into all the other elements within my focus. To appreciate the quality of the painting doesn’t require imagination. What’s important is that you feel the emotion.  My landscapes are not painted to be pretty.  They are a reflection of what I was feeling when I first imagined the painting.  You see long before my brushes touch the paint I know what this painting is going to look like.  It is that feeling that I continuously strive to release.  Every feeling is different.   From coast to coast we all share the same sky and are one with our surroundings.





My paintings are on 140lb and 300lb, 100% acid free paper.  The paintings vary in size from 1"x1.5" to full sheets 22"x30".  They are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without my consent. When purchasing please contact me regarding shipping and handling costs.