Return to Eastward Ho!

Day3, June 22, 2019, 8.37pm. 

We have come to rest at a wayside RV Park In Brodus, Mt. Today we left Chartwell, near Missoul, and at 11am and travelled east on I-90 until 4 pm and then further east on MT212 for another 3hours. There is no sight to the end of Montana. Big skies, big rolling hills and lots of ranches and millions of cows!!! There appears to be fewer people than cows. We are comfortable tucked into the Wild One and Fiso is happy with a full belly of petrol. A Wee imbinning and then  to warm up a container of coconut curry soup that we brought from home. Today the temperatures lingered around 12 degrees Celsius, and eventually reached a balmy 18. Summer is still hiding in the hills but we will certainly meet her somewhere in the next few eastward days.