Return to Eastward Ho!

June 21; 2019, Day 2, 9:09 pm. The temperature is 12degrees C and we are near Butte Montana, We’ve been travelling east on I-90. Stopped for an hour that turned into three at a Costco in Missoula, so that we could feed the Wild One with some fresh vegetables and meats since we weren’t allowed to carry any of that across the Canada USA border. We also fed Fiso, our trusty stead with some petrol from the cheaper pumps at Costco. Have finished a supper of Caesar Salad and shrimp, washed down with some fresh squeezed French grapes from the aisles of Costco. The scenery has been breathtakingply beautiful and Wanda has been sketching frantically to capture it all. Tomorrow we hope to find some warmth.