Return to Eastward Ho!

9.56 pm Mountain time.  It is still light out. The temperature is 10 degrees Celsius. We have eaten a delicious chicken dinner that Wanda had cooked at home. Today we left Manning provincial park around 9 am and travelled through to Grand Forks, BC, before heading south to Spokane and then east to Coeur D’alene, Idaho. We had planned to get away early yesterday but we weren’t ready to travel until later and at 5 pm we had the trailer, “The Wild One” fully, hitched and full, loaded and on the highway heading east.  Destination Newfoundland. Tonight we will rest in an RV park, east of Coeur D’alene, off I-90. We have heat, hydro and water and full bellies. Life is Good! Tomorrow, we, will leave the mountains behind.